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Calorie information is for guidance only & although these are calculated carefully at the time of publication it may be subject to seasonal, ingredients or cooking process variation.



Whilst every effort is made to minimise the risk of contamination, our kitchen handles wheat, dairy & other food allergens, so The Baked Potato cannot guarantee that trace amounts of allergens are not present in your meal.




Due to seasonal restrictions & because most of our ingredients are sourced fresh from local suppliers, there may be occasions when we do not have everything listed.





     Freshly baked to order, they never enter a microwave & are served with a choice of one of our homemade side salads or coleslaw.



    Peppered Pastrami 6.00

    Pastrami, cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms & creamy peppered sauce


    Smoky BBQ 5.90

    Streaky bacon, smoked cheese & smoky BBQ sauce


    Smoked Salmon 7.00

    Smoked salmon, cream cheese & chives


    Mexican Chilli 6.40

    Homemade chilli-con-carne, grated cheese & jalapenos


    Pesto Chicken 6.00

    Grilled chicken, grated cheese, sundried tomatoes & pesto


    Halloumi 6.00

    Halloumi, red onion, peppers, cherry tomatoes & sriracha mayo


    Tuna Melt 5.50

    Tuna, cucumber, red onion, peppers & grated cheese


    Classic 5.00

    Baked beans & grated cheese


    Don’t see one you like?

    Create your own Baked Potato from 5.00




    Handcrafted sandwiches prepared to

    order in a selection of fresh breads



    Italian Deli 5.00

    Deli ham, spicy chorizo, pastrami, mixed leaves, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella &

    light garlic dressing, in a toasted ciabatta


    Smoked Club 4.80

    Deli turkey, crispy bacon, smoked cheese, extra light mayo, lettuce & tomato in a white farmhouse bread toasted triple decker


    Mozzacado 4.60

    Avocado, mozzarella, spinach, sundried tomatoes & pesto mayo in toasted



    BBQ Wrap 4.60

    Grilled chicken, smoked cheese, crispy

    bacon & a smoky BBQ sauce in a soft

    tortilla wrap


    Hot Wrap 4.40

    Grilled chicken, chorizo, peppers, red onion, mozzarella & hot sriracha dressing in a tortilla wrap









    Smoked Salmon 5.40

    Smoked salmon, cucumber, spinach & cream cheese in brown farmhouse bread


    Chilli Melt 5.00

    Homemade lean chilli-con-carne, melted cheddar cheese & jalapenos in a toasted ciabatta


    Caesar Sub 4.70

    Chicken, crispy bacon, romaine, parmesan

    & Caesar dressing in a soft white sub roll


    New Yorker 4.40

    Pastrami, pickles, rocket, cheddar cheese, mustard & extra light mayo in toasted sourdough


    Broccoli Rabe 4.40

    Broccoli, mozzarella, pine nuts & pesto in

    a toasted ciabatta





    Starting from: 

    White or brown farmhouse bread   3.60

    Tortilla wrap   4.00

    Sourdough   4.00

    White sub  4.20

    Granary sub  4.20

    Ciabatta  4.40


    Add sweet potato fries 2.50,or skinny fries 2.00 to any sandwich 




    Soup & Sandwich combo

    Add soup to your sandwich for only 2.00


    Fresh salads prepared to order using the

    finest locally sourced produce when in season



    Cobb 5.80

    Romaine base, boiled free-range eggs, avocado, steam cooked chicken, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, chives & a light garlic dressing


    Tuna Classic 5.10

    Romaine base, tuna, sweet corn, red onion & our own baked potato salad


    Mozzacado 5.00

    Spinach base, avocado, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella & pesto mayo






    Smoked Salmon 6.20

    Spinach base, smoked salmon, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & house hummus  dressing


    Caesar 5.50

    Romaine base, homemade sourdough croutons, steam cooked chicken, crispy bacon, parmesan & Caesar dressing


    Greek 4.80

    Romaine base, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, cucumber & a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil






    Vegan Falafel 5.50

    Homemade falafel, pilau rice, cucumber, tomato, shredded carrot, cashew nuts & house hummus dressing


    Grilled Halloumi 5.40

    Grilled halloumi, rocket, homemade mixed beans, red onion, beetroot & a free range poached egg on top


    Hot Chicken & Spinach bowl 5.20

    Grilled chicken, spinach, red onions, peppers, mushrooms, cashew nuts & homemade Asian slaw





    Starting from: 

    Romaine lettuce   4.00

    Mixed leaves  4.20

    Kale or Spinach only  4.40


    All our salad dressings are gluten free



    We love our breakfasts,

    all-day everyday



    All-Day Breakfast 6.50

    Two sausages, two bacon rashers, a dry fried free-range egg, grilled tomato, grilled mushrooms,

    baked beans, toasted soda & potato bread



    Filled Soda or Brioche Bun 5.00

    Two gluten free sausages, two bacon rashers & a free-range dry fried egg

    in a toasted soda or a brioche bun



    Breakfast Sliders 4.50

    Three mini brioche baps filled with cocktail sausages, bacon & fried egg



    Smashed Avocado on Sourdough 4.50

    Toasted sourdough topped with smashed avocado & sriracha sauce

    Add  - Two poached eggs + 1.50

     - Two crispy bacon rashers + 1.80

     - Smoked salmon + 2.50



    French Toast 3.50

    Sourdough bread dry fried in free range

    eggs & maple syrup

    Add:  - Two bacon rashers + 1.80

     - Banana & strawberries +1.00






    Guilt Free Breakfast 6.50

    Gluten free sausage, two grilled bacon rashers, toasted sourdough, grilled tomato,

    grilled mushrooms, spinach, a free-range poached egg & our homemade mixed beans on the side

     For a gluten free option substitute the sourdough



    Sweet Potato Waffles 6.20


    Guacamole & two free range poached eggs

    Two bacon rashers & maple syrup

    Go vegan with homemade falafel



    Eggs & Sourdough 3.50

    Two free range eggs your way on toasted sourdough



    Oatmeal Porridge  2.20

    with fresh fruit

     Try a vegan option made with almond milk +30p



    Granola 3.00

    Natural low fat Greek yogurt & crunchy granola topped with fresh fruit



    Chilli Bowl 6.60

    Homemade lean chilli-con-carne, jalapenos, pilau rice,

    our own guacamole on the side & crunchy tortilla chips



    American Beef Burger 4.50

    Lean ground beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard & ketchup

    in a lightly toasted brioche bun

    Add - bacon & cheese +2.00



    Fish Finger Butty 5.00

    Homemade cripsy breaded cod fingers with extra light mayo & rocket

    in a lightly toasted brioche bun






    Grilled Chicken Burger 4.40

    Grilled chicken fillet, rocket & light mayo in a toasted brioche bun

    Add - bacon & cheese +2.00


    Sweet Potato Pizza 5.20

    With: -  Extra thin sweet potato base

     topped with marinara, mozzarella, fresh rocket & chorizo


    Or go vegan with marinara,

    spinach & homemade falafel



    Omelette 4.80

    With: Mushrooms, peppers,

    spinach & mozzarella

    With: Ham, mushrooms,

    spinach & mozzarella


    Make it skinny with egg whites only


    Soup of the day

    With sourdough

    Small 2.50 | Large 3.50



      See specials board for gluten

    & dairy free options



    A little something on the side

    or a treat to nibble



    Side salad 2.00

    Made in store daily

    -Mixed beans

    -Asian slaw

    -Our own Baked Potato salad



    Sausage roll  1.75

    Fruit pot  2.00

    Protein bar  2.00

    Fruit      0.60

    Gourmet crisps  1.50

    Homemade tray bakes  2.00

    Slice of homemade cake,   3.00







    All the same quality ingredients

    but smaller portions



    Toasty 3.00

    Ham & cheese or Cheese & tomato


    Create your own half sandwich 3.00


    Soup & toast 3.00


    Sausage, baked beans, fried egg & toast 3.00


    Sausage, skinny fries & baked beans 3.00


    Fish fingers & skinny fries 3.00


    Add a fruit pot or tray bake for only 1.50


    A hot cup of something for a kick start in the morning or to enjoy with a friend with great conversation




    Segafredo Zanetti is world renowned as the authentic Italian coffee company, its coffee is served in over 30,000 cafes & bars across the world. Freshly ground for every cup.



    Espresso  1.80

    Americano  2.00

    Latte  2.40

    Cappuccino  2.40

    Macchiato  2.20

    Flat White  2.40

    Mocha  2.70

    Extra espresso shot 80p



      Need a dairy free option?

    Ask for almond milk.




    Made with cocoa powder & chunks of real chocolate topped with cream & marshmallows.


    Hot milk chocolate 2.70

    Hot white chocolate 3.00


    Add a flavoured syrup to your coffee or hot chocolate for only 60p extra.

    Choose from caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, or rose.




    Brewing tea for over 150 years, Brodies began working with the Fairtrade Foundation as certified Fairtrade brewers long before Fairtrade became a familiar term.



    Breakfast tea 1.50

    Brodie’s speciality teas 2.00



    Wash it down with a refreshing ice cold drink





    Peach Ice Tea 2.00

    Still water  1.50

    Sparkling water  1.50

    San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Juice  1.60

    (Orange, Lemon or Grapefruit)

    Milk  1.00

    Coke  1.20

    Coke Zero  1.20

    Vit-Hit Still Fruit Juice  2.00

    (Revive, Immunitea or Lean Green)





    Love Smoothies use 100% natural fruit & vegetables with no added sugar,

    additives or preservatives & more than one of your five a day.






    Kale kick 3.00

    Kale, spinach, mango & apple juice


    Pash-n-shoot 3.00

    Passion fruit, mango, pineapple & apple juice


    Berry-go-round  3.00

    Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries & apple juice


    Boost your smoothie

    with nutrient rich chia seeds, avocado,

    banana or spinach  +60p


    For a low sugar alternative,

    swap the apple juice for coconut water +50p




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